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lx example

This is a simplish example for the use of lx. It is much smaller than the lxt application, so it is easier to see how it works and how lx is used.

The example program generates a kwic (key word in context) listing for a text. It optionally allows a stop list and a word-form list to be run against the text.

Here is the program source. The program is included with the lx source, and can be compiled from the lx src directory by typing "make kwic" (after running "./Configure").

The usage is:
kwic [-s stoplist] [-f formslist] inputfile

Output (to standard out) looks like:

    5    easy under the appleboughs   About          the lilting house and 
   15   carefree famous among barns   About          the happy yard and 
    6           was green The night   above          the dingle starry Time 
   36            all Shining it was   Adam           and maiden The sky 
   39             it must have been   after          the birth of the 
   37       maiden The sky gathered   again          And the sun grew 
   25           the chimneys it was   air            And playing lovely and 
   49         blue trades that time   allows         In all his tuneful 
   56              the moon that is   always         rising Nor that riding 
    9         his eyes and honoured   among          wagons I was prince 

Carson Harding, carson.harding@shaw.ca
$Date: 2002/06/22 03:40:34 $