[motd.ca]  autossh

autossh - Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels

Update: Version 1.4e always sets the first poll time equal to the poll time, unless the first poll time is explicitly set with AUTOSSH_FIRST_POLL.

Previous update: version 1.4d fixes file descriptor issues when started without standard input available (for example, in system initialization scripts).

Previous update: version 1.4c disables the "gatetime" behaviour when -f is used, updates the list of OpenSSH options it knows about, and adds some fixes to configure.

Previous update: version 1.4b fixed a bug in polling, added a max lifetime option and a compile-time option to touch the pid file on each connection test.





If you use OpenBSD or FreeBSD, autossh is available in the ports tree, and as a package that can be FTP'd down. Cygwin and some Linux distros also have it available as a package.

To build from source: