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lxt application

Lxt grew as a testing environment for the development of lx. It is a text-based application that behaves as a simple shell. It supports command history, aliases, simple batch-style scripts, and initialization files (which are simply scripts).

Commands are arranged in modules that roughly correspond to the major components of the lx library. They take arguments and flags much like system commands do. This is not as convenient as a proper GUI would be, but makes for rapid module development and extension.

Some analysis modules have been written to explore the possibilities of lx. These are:


Sample sessions

Sample outputs in HTML

(For Dylan Thomas's "Fern Hill" See commands used)

With some hacking around and GnuPlot or Ploticus, it's even possible to get nice graphs:
weather related terms in lear
(One of the goals is to make this much easier to do.)

Carson Harding, carson.harding@shaw.ca
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