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lx - A library for lexical analysis of texts

Moth:    They have been at a great feast of languages and stolen
             all the scraps.

                                (Love's Labour's Lost. V.i.35)

One of lx's goals is interactive exploration. Lx is built for speed. The text is loaded and structured in memory, and most relations between items are a pointer dereference away.

Lx is also intended to make it easy to extract for other analysis tools. For example, it should be easy to use lx to extract data to feed into a statistical tool/language such as R.

My current intention is to use SWIG to link it with Python, Perl, and/or Guile, and provide a flexible platform that can be extended with high-level scripts. Currently it has a simple shell interface, lxt.

lx - library

lxt - testing framework and application


lx and lxt are and will be free software. However, I am still deciding between a BSD-style license and the GPL/LGPL.


(Not yet, but in while; I'm working on neatening, packaging, and licensing. Please contact me if interested.)


Currently Linux, OpenBSD, and Solaris are supported; FreeBSD/NetBSD should work.

This will build both the lx libraries (in lx2-0.1/src/lib) and lxt (in lx2-0.1/src).

Use of autoconf is also planned...

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